Shuttlr App

UX/UI design


About Shuttle

Shuttlr is a service that makes transportation as easy and seamless as possible for residents who live outside of the downtown core. This service will be offered to employees who work for businesses registered with the program and will include a mini shuttle bus that will collect riders from the convenience of their own home

Problem Statement

“How do we increase the ridership on Hamilton’s integrated transit system in the 18-34 age group and convince more car users to take transit instead for their transportation needs in Hamilton?”


Designer: Researching, Protoyping, User-Testing


Design Sprint,

Tool & Framework

Adobe XD,


3 Months
June - August 2017


Design Process

Out team followed google Design Sprint to create our product. Sprints were fasilitated by Forge Incubator and they provided mentors to help each team. The idea of the design sprint is to have a product or prototype of the product reay by end of the week. This process is then repeated to improve the product.

Road map of Design Sprint.

1. Defining User

First off we defined the user. "A business professional working around downtown Hamilton"

2. Roadmap

The customer road map starts when they want to find a efficient way to commute to work. This leads to user to think of multiple options like, HSR, Uber or personal transport. when given all thee choices the customer seeks to path with least pain points. We sort to solve the problem of the first mile. The user wishes to goto transit station but getting there is the first problem.

3. Mockup

Design mockups created in Adobe XD.


End Result